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adidas outlet Sea experience in the operation laun

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PostWysłany: Czw 14:38, 24 Mar 2011 Temat postu: adidas outlet Sea experience in the operation laun

Sea experience in the operation launched

Stained in 4 cases. Accounted for 15; land side operation group 5, accounting for 19. Slightly higher than the sea the land group slaughtered infected surgical group, indicating that land-based pollution is serious wounds. Third, the discussion of proof of vehicle group, although the sea ITX surgery and surgical treatment side j hit land, the same. However, due to different conditions of operation for the sea has its own special requirements. Such as: (11 equipment requirements: including the arrangement of the operating room, surgical instruments, sterilization, anesthesia equipment, various drugs have special requirements. The requirements of the operating room,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the group of ships and in different operations carried out under different conditions, have the conditions complete the hospital board and Lou on behalf of the poor condition of the hospital ship. including passenger ships, merchant ships in the operating room are arranged in our view, the operating room with appropriate spatial (10rtR. more than enough), the appropriate location, as well located in the central hull. sufficient light, including natural light, natural light during power outages Unfortunately, as the lighting,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to be completed by the superficial and the technical difficulty of the general surgery is not high. to ensure that the insulation with a sum reasonable conditions. the operating room must be equipped with a variety of fixtures including surgical instruments and personnel of the fixed measures, Fang only because rough to move staff and equipment to the station outside the throw. the requirements of surgical instruments: a comprehensive set of instruments chosen, based on some commonly used to add the necessary equipment and specialist equipment, such as craniotomy with drilling, wire sawing and bipolar coagulation device, cut the closed chest drainage devices used in the limbs fixed tweezer wire nails, steel plates, vascular anastomosis Lian lines. was shake each part of equipment packages and irreplaceable surgery equipment to prepare as much as possible. anesthetic requirements} unless a high degree of mechanization, anesthesia machines, but still need with simple anesthesia machine, a power failure, can be changed by hand to maintain control of patient breathing. Drug requirements: must be equipped with a variety of rescue drugs Qi, yet to increase the amount of drugs, conventional drugs can sail away, decided to ask when navigating the sea of ​​change, to do less rather more hurried (2) medical and technical requirements: Health care workers at sea for 5 days of adaptation in and proper application of anti-halo drugs, most of the staff even more than magnitude 7 in the sea wind, swing degrees 20 degrees, with units able to basically complete the various parts of the operation (including the femoral artery anastomosis, and other fine and difficult surgery .) proof of the information debate, surgical team will take at least 4 to 5 people, that is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2 surgeons, anesthesiologists, a nurse and equipment 1, to avoid the return of nurses and 1 (one mapping step when the anesthesiologist may concurrently). this group division of labor: a person with head, neck, chest, focusing on the other 1 to the limbs, abdominal focus. has a normal operation of equipment and more skilled surgical staff, even if the land has never been trained medical personnel on board,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], after 15 to 30 days of sailing training, surgical treatment is fully capable to complete the task sea sea and land operation in the surgical side in the surgery cured, during and after processing the same, but the small space ship and hope the heat, toss and other factors rather more difficult than on land due to surgical operation carried out was large. To ensure smooth operation, planted think they need to do the following. 1. action and seeking quiet; navigation surgery, to maintain the stability of instruments and the surgeon is very Yu important operating table, infusion spring, equipment, fixed equipment and patients, the surgical personnel must be properly fixed. anesthesiologists and nurses, the audience is not as fixed requirements Tour. Feng Group has adopted the surgical hospital ship equipped with fixed straps, belts , the surgical staff of the hip and regret I handle fixed operating table. its requirements do not be too tight nor too loose, have a certain range but not so the surgical staff stripped the operating table, the best range of activities will be limited to patients who Section 10 meters stag ship within 15 degrees swing, the operation does not have to be fixed properly fixed, low-E swing, to ensure the successful completion of surgery. 2. staticity refinement: we look at the swing state or worn by large-femoral surgery magnifying glass spicy match 6O Taiwan tablets experience has shown that to ensure quality and speed, the first question to master the law of the ship's rocking. ship rocking back and forth into the direction, swings and irregular swing, swing band by Fu divided into fast swing (> 10 times / rain) and slow swing (<10 times / min). swing degree of the size, speed and direction of the boat to move under the direction, design direction and medical staff operating table standing position and decided to ship navigation direction can not change, the operating table is often fixed to the deck not change, only medical personnel can position the coup by converting swing direction. practice experience that is conducive to swing around medical staff operations. control the direction and soil seeding rate law of pendulum Lian blood in the battalion operations in Taiwan is significant, so that when the needle swings left to right, right to left when the needle swings, can significantly improve the quality and speed, so that adverse conditions into favorable conditions, supporting static in the refinement to achieve the goal of surgery done fine. (closing lotus :1998-12-31 :1999 miserable back -92-21)
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