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Japan Ar sub row

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86. Halogen liver
raw materials: pork liver, onion, ginger amount, spice packet 1 (with a pepper, star anise, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, orange peel, grass and fruit, the amount)
. The liver after repeated washing with salt water soak for 30 minutes, remove the hormone.
. Boiling water, add onions, ginger, add liver and cook for 3 minutes, skim the end, add other spices, a small fire to cook slowly for 20 minutes, then slice when eating.
effects: blood iron,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also make vitamin A, to prevent night blindness, but also to prevent rickets.
1 ~ 22 for 4 to 6 months baby

41. Steamed cod
material: cod fish, onions, ginger, soy sauce, cooking wine, the amount of
. Wash the cod, place pan.
. Onion, ginger cut filaments home fish, topped with a teaspoon of cooking wine, half teaspoon of soy sauce, wok steamed can be.
Efficacy: help to enhance digestion and immunity.
42. Double Danhuang tofu
raw materials: eggs, cooked salted duck egg, lactone bean curd, spring onion amount, sesame oil
. The eggs into the pot, add water, did not have eggs, covered with steaming rack above.
. The tofu into the dish, divided into thin slices, code on the onion, put the steam tray. After boiling water for 5 minutes off the fire.
. Remove the eggs, take the egg yolk, and salted duck egg yolk with a small spoon with a bowl sieve or crush. Sprinkle the tofu, and topped with sesame oil.
Effects: Qi, tonic and other functions.
91. Mushroom soup
loofah material: loofah, mushrooms, onions, ginger appropriate
. Wash shaver biopsy loofah, loofah soaked shred; onions, ginger cut fine.
. Pan fried mushrooms after a little heat, add boiling water, add gourd and spices then cooked.
Effects: loofah heat summer heat, mushrooms and detoxification.
50. Rice pudding
raw materials: rice, red dates, red bean, longan meat, lotus seeds, peanuts, walnuts, the amount of
. Wash the raw material into the rice cooker with Zhu Chengyu into the rock sugar to the boil.
effect: full complement of nutrients, physical brain.

31. Fish paste tomato soup
raw vegetables: cooked fish, cabbage, tomatoes, rice, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Steamed river fish, fish to stab pressed into mud; Wash cabbage cooked in boiling water, boil, chopped spare knife.
. Peeled tomato Shuitang seeded, chopped with a knife; will be adding the prepared tomato soup and cook thoroughly cooked, then add rice, fish paste, stewed cabbage open mud low heat, add cooked in vegetable oil and a small amount of boil salt and serve.
38. Assorted raw egg noodles
tomato: egg half, child nutrition amount of noodles, tomato, lily, peanut oil, onion, salt amount
. The lily with warm water till soft, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]se clean, cut inch segment; tomatoes clean cuts; eggs and mix.
. Pot pour a little oil, a little hot, put the onion stir incense, and then turn into the day lily, tomato stir-fry a while, add water.
. After the noodles into the boiling water, instant when topped with beaten eggs, a pinch of salt.
effects: scavenging free radicals and protect cells.
Raw rice: 1 teaspoon rice flour, warm water
approach: 1 spoonful of rice flour add 3-4 spoons warm water, put it aside after a clockwise direction in accordance with the chopsticks into a paste.
Rice soup ingredients: rice
practices: the pot of water boil, add 200g of rice washing clean, boil and then boiled rotten porridge with a slow fire, taking the top rice soup can be eaten.
Effects: Tang Wei sweet rice soup, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B and so on.
3. Mud fish paste noodles
raw carrot: river fish or marine fish, carrots
practices: Select river fish or fish, steamed, remove the meat, and carefully remove all the fish bone, can be pressed into mud. Then take the small amount of fish paste, along with carrots mixed in with the rice in the mud.
4. Mud
raw egg yolk: 1 egg
practices: the eggs cooked with crushed sieve mud bowl or spoon, add appropriate amount of water or formula to mix thoroughly. Originally from 1 / 8 egg yolks began, according to the acceptability of the baby gradually added to the 1 / 4, 1 / 3.
Efficacy: supplement the baby gradual loss of iron, high content of iron in the yolk, while vitamin A, D and E and the fat dissolved easily by the body absorb and use.
5. Mashed potatoes
raw materials: potatoes
practices: a potato, peeled and cut into small pieces, crushed with a spoon after steaming into the mud, you can add a small amount of water and mix thoroughly.
6. Mud
raw vegetables: cabbage
Method: Wash the amount of cabbage leaves, add boiling water and cook for about 1-2 minutes, remove the leaves by jet milling, grinding or wire-line, filter out the purée .
7. Raw milk, sweet potato mud
: sweet potato one, milk powder 1 tablespoon
practices: the sweet potato (potato) steamed, peeled, crushed with a sieve mud bowl or spoon. After
reconstituted milk powder into the sweet potato (potato) in the mud, then mix thoroughly.
Pumpkin soup Ingredients: 1 chicken breast, 1 small pumpkin
practices: the chicken breasts into the salt water soak for half an hour, and then the chicken breast chopped into paste, adding a big bowl of boiling water. Peel the pumpkin put another pot boiling mud crushed with a spoon.
When a small bowl of chicken soup when boiled with sterile gauze to filter out particles of chicken, the chicken broth into the pumpkin, the longer you can Shaozhu moment.
effect: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]cken rich in protein, pumpkin is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates and vitamins, including carotene content than the rich.
9. Raw minced meat tomato mud
: round eggplant 1 / 3, 1 tablespoon fine minced meat, wet starch, a little garlic 1 / 4, salt, sesame oil
practice: chopped garlic, add minced using fine wet starch and salt, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes.
eggplant round cross-section of 1 / 3, take some more that half of skin, meat, eggplant put some upward bowl, place the eggplant marinated minced meat, refined, and the steaming pot to Su Lan, remove , topped with a little sesame oil, mix well.
Efficacy: help children with added calcium.
10. Green juice
raw materials: vegetable
practices: a bowl of water in the pot to boil, wash the cabbage leaves before the full immersion in water for about 20-30 minutes chopped out a bowl, add boiling water to boil 1-2 minutes. The pot from the fire, squeeze the leaves with a spoon, so juices flow into the water, pour the upper clear liquid is the juice.
11. Raw pumpkin juice
: Pumpkin 100g
practice: pumpkin, peeled, cut into Ding steamed, steamed pumpkin and then crushed with a spoon into the mud. Increase in the amount of water in the pumpkin and mix thoroughly after dilution, on the clean look of fine colander juice consumption on the filter. Steamed pumpkin must be rotten. Rice flour can be added to feed your baby.
12. Raw minced meat porridge
: fresh pork
Method: boiled meat piece, cut out rotten into the end. Cai Yu added the right amount
or minced meat noodles in boiling rotten food.
13. Raw banana porridge
: 1 banana pieces, 2 tablespoons milk
practices: the banana chopped into mud pot, add clean boiling, and cook while stirring, a banana porridge. Milk prepared and good, until after the banana porridge into the cool earth, stirring evenly.
Effects: Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium and other vitamins and sugar, protein, mineral content is also high, this porridge is not only a good physical brain food, it is the best food for babies constipation.
14. Milk, raw egg yolk
porridge rice soup: half-rice soup bowl, 2 tablespoons milk, egg yolks 1 / 3
practices: burning rice gruel, it will be dishing out the top of the soup bowl; eggs cooked, take the egg yolk 1 / 3 research into powder. Will be better prepared and milk, add egg yolk, rice soup, then mix thoroughly.
effect: rich in protein and calcium, egg yolks are also rich in lecithin, growth and brain development in children is good.
15. Fresh polenta
ingredients: fresh corn half
approach: a knife to cut down the corn kernels and stir into the pulp. With gauze to filter out of corn juice, then boiled thick.
effects: corn is rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium, vitamins (E, A), lecithin and 18 of the 30 kinds of amino acids and other nutritional substances that can enhance human immunity, and enhance brain cell activity, health puzzle.
Pear sauce ingredients: 1 pear, crystal sugar
Method: Peel the pears to the core, chopped, along with rock sugar into the pot until the pears Sulan later, while cooking while rolling with a spoon, into the paste.
effect: not only vitamins and minerals, while the baby coughing effect of adjuvant therapy.
17. Fresh Orange Juice
raw materials: orange
practices: an orange horizontal all for two, and then squeezed orange profile control in the glass cover on the rotation, so that orange juice into the following cylinder. Feeding, you can add some warm water, watered increased from 2:1 to 1:1, then the juice.
18. Watermelon juice
raw materials: the West rang amount
practice: the West rang in a bowl, mash with a spoon, and then filtered juice Serve dressing.
19. Apple Carrot Juice
raw materials: 1 carrot, apple half
approach: carrots, washed peeled apples cut into small, into the pot and add appropriate amount of clean boiled, can be boiled for about 10 minutes. Juice with a clean gauze filter can be.
effect: the carrot is rich in β-carotene, could promote the growth of epithelial tissue, and enhance the light-sensitive retina force, is essential for infant nutrition.
Raw carrot juice Hawthorn: Hawthorn 1-2 pieces of fresh carrot approach half a
: Hawthorn washed, cut four pieces each; carrots, chopped half a wash.
the hawthorn, chopped carrots into the stew pot, add water to boil, then simmer for 15 minutes with gauze filter juice.
effect: Hawthorn is rich in organic acids, pectin, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C content which is 10 times more than Apple. Hawthorn and carrot juice with Jianweixiaoshi fluid, increase appetite baby.
21. Apple juice
raw tomatoes: Fresh tomato half, apple half
Method: Wash the tomatoes, scalded with boiling water after stripping, with the juice or the juice out of sterile gauze.
apple peel steamed or direct juice, take 1-2 tablespoons blended with tomato juice.
Effects: fresh tomatoes, rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin.
22. Health pear
raw turnip: a white radish, pear half
practices: the white radish cut into filaments, pears cut into thin slices. The white radish into the pot add water to boil, simmer for 10 minutes with a micro-added juice pear slices and cook for 5 minutes and serve.
effect: white radish is rich in vitamin C, protein, iron and other nutrients in winter elements, with a cough and lungs, help digestion and other health effects.
58. Steamed fish
raw materials: fish, green onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, a little different, lotus root starch, sunflower oil a little
. Clean fresh fish, onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms cut filaments.
. Oblique knife cut out the fish back,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], into the boiling water pot hot, fishy. Remove after the release of dish, the onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms Sise knife into the flowers and the belly of the fish within, topped with soy sauce, cooking wine, salt and a little sunflower oil, the pot can be steamed.
effect: rich in various nutrients, and DHA, to promote early childhood brain development.

62. Mushroom tofu stew Loach
material: Loach, tofu, mushrooms, light blue, ginger slices, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil, salt, sugar are appropriate
. Loach raising two days in water, drop a few drops of vegetable oil, killed after the wash.
. Mushrooms bubble of clean cuts; tofu cut into medium size blocks, with hot water boiled.
. Heat the oil burning Daosi Cheng, the next onion, ginger, the loach fry yellow, add water, salt, sugar, tofu, mushrooms, stir to boil, simmer for 40 minutes.
Efficacy: Bu Zhong Yi Qi.

Shrimp raw tofu peas porridge: cooked shrimp, soft tofu, fresh peas, thick porridge, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Chopped cooked shrimp standby; soft tofu with minced clean water, fresh peas, add Shuizhu Shu pressed into mud use.
. The thick porridge, cooked shrimp, soft tofu Ding, fresh peas, and broth into the pot, a small open fire boiled, add the cooked vegetable oil and a small amount of boiled salt Serve.
Raw tomato and egg: tomato, egg, onion, garlic
appropriate practices:
. Eggs, diced; Whisk eggs into a bowl, pan fried egg into powder, Sheng out.
. From the pan, stir into the tomatoes, add sugar, simmer a little bit, then add salt, stir a moment, add egg, sprinkle with green onions, minced garlic, stir a moment can be.
Efficacy: supplement protein and carotene.
76. Fried three small
Ingredients: eggs, tofu, cucumber, a little starch, onion, ginger appropriate
. The egg yolk into the bowl and mix thoroughly, pour into greased pan, cage steam cooked, remove the cut Ding.
. Tofu, cut into small cucumber.
. Wok into the oil, onion ginger until fragrant, then add egg yolk Ding, Ding tofu, cucumber Ding, add appropriate amount of water and fine salt, and burning through tasty, water, juice Serve starch hook.
Effects: add protein, can be in addition to heat, detoxification. Cure sore throat.
33. Fritillaria porridge
material: Fritillaria, rice gruel, crystal sugar
. Fritillaria research into Ximo to spare.
. Boil over low heat before the rice gruel, adding mother of pearl powder, rock sugar, then cook over low heat moment Serve.
Effect: You can lungs and stomach, Huatanzhike.

45. Lotus lily white fungus soup
Material: lotus seed, fresh lily, white fungus, rock sugar
. Wash the raw materials, white fungus breaking off small pieces into the stew pot with about 2 hours to simmer to raw materials can Sulan.
effect: the role of a moistening heat, ideal for cough in children.
52. Red-billed parrot Gesi surface
green material: tomato, spinach, tofu, pork ribs soup, thin noodles, green onions.
. Scalded with boiling water about the tomatoes, remove skin, cut into pieces.
. Wash spinach leaves, grass water fishing about to tannic acid, and then chopped; tofu chopped.
. Add a little oil, with chopped green onion choking pan, into the ribs soup, boiling. The tomato and spinach leaves into the pot, Cook for a while. Then add a very thin noodles, soft noodles to pan.
74. Tomato beef
material: tomato, beef, ginger, green onions
appropriate practices:
. The beef soak in salt water for half an hour and cut into 1cm square pieces; tomato cut into small pieces.
. Beef stew, add water into the rice cooker for 30 minutes.
. Pot add a little oil, oil heat, add onions, ginger until fragrant, stir into the tomato look, into the beef and soup, salt and cook for 20 minutes, until meat can be bad Tangnong.
Effects: add protein and vitamin A.
39. Steamed pumpkin (sweet potato)
material: pumpkin or sweet potato
. Plate will be placed inside the pumpkin or sweet potato, steamed to the pot.
Effects: pumpkin mannitol have laxative effect, contained in the pectin can slow the absorption of carbohydrates.
65. Sago
raw milk: milk, rice, bananas, sugar and a little
. Soak sago in cold water 1 hour; the banana labeled as mud.
. West along with the soaking water to boil, to the West into a transparent, add milk and bananas can paste Shaozhu.
effect: added nutrients.
89. Winter melon soup
lotus leaf material: melon, tender lotus
. Peel and cut melon pieces with clean, cut it into pieces lotus leaf decoction, boil remove the lotus leaf, add salt and continue to cook melon pieces can be.
Effects: swelling diuretic melon, lotus thirst, heat summer heat.

95. Ham wheat paste burning
raw materials: flour, eggs, ham, shrimp Ding, onion, diced green onion, cheese
. The flour and eggs into the bowl, put a little salt, add water while stirring evenly while, add water to flour and eggs were then paste. D into the various ingredients and then mix well.
. Drizzle evenly skillet with some oil, scoop into 1 tablespoon size, rotate pan so that the slurry evenly covered pot over low heat fry color hard top, upside down and fry until brown on both sides can be.
. The size of the diamond cut into 2cm pieces can be eaten.
Effects: add energy and nutrients.
44. Egg
meat raw materials: fine minced meat, eggs, sesame oil, soy sauce, salt
. Will be refined by adding a little soy sauce, minced meat marinate it.
. Beaten eggs with salt, add meat to continue to fight, over low heat and steam for 15 minutes, and eaten topped with sesame oil.
82. Scrambled eggs
four-color materials: egg, green peppers, black fungus, onion, ginger, water, corn starch
. The eggs in the egg white and yolk are both playing in the bowl, and add a little salt, respectively Whisk.
. Green peppers and fungus were cut diamond block.
. Oil Heat wok, stir-fried eggs, respectively, SD and egg yolk, Sheng out.
. Renewed the pan, add onion ginger until fragrant, put green peppers and black fungus, Scoop instant, adding a little salt, then pour a good fried egg white and egg yolk, water, starch, starch, can be.
effect: added protein and vitamins.
83. Fried Chicken Ding Ling
tender ingredients: tender water chestnuts, chicken breast, eggs, red pepper, ginger, onion, water, starch, the amount of
. Chicken breast cut into Ding Houjia into the salt, egg white water, starch grasp uniform stand.
. Tender water chestnuts peeled and cut into small, into the boiling water pot boiled fish; red bell pepper cut into small.
. Heat a little pan, into the chicken breast slip loose, add onions, ginger fried, then add red pepper stir fry a while, after adding water chestnut stir fry, while adding a pinch of salt, sprinkle with water, starch, a moment can be.
effect: a refreshing thirst-quenching effect of water chestnut.
27. Spinach egg porridge
raw materials: spinach, egg yolks 1, soft rice, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Wash the spinach, cut into small pieces of open Shui Tang, into the pot, add a small amount of boiling water into a paste aside.
. To an egg yolk, soft rice, regular broth (pork soup) into the pot first boiled into porridge.
. The spinach paste, boil porridge cooked Serve vegetable oil into the yolk.
55. Shrimp spinach egg soup
knife Materials: flour, eggs, shrimp jen, spinach, a little sesame oil, suitable stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Just take the egg white into a slightly harder with flour and dough, roll into strips and cut into thin slices.
. Ding Ren cut the shrimp; spinach, washed, boiled, cooked, remove and reserve after the mince.
. The broth into the pot, add shrimp and small, to be boiled down into the knife soup noodles, cooked rotten, Drizzle egg yolk, then add the spinach at the end, put a little sesame oil poured into a small bowl you can post.
effect: rich in protein, carbohydrates.

56. Chicken and cabbage dumplings
material: dumplings skins, chicken, cabbage, celery, eggs, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. The end of the chicken into the bowl, add a little soy sauce.
. Wash cabbage and celery were cut at the end. Fried eggs, and Jiaocheng fine.
. Mix all ingredients into the stuffing, pack into dumplings, and pot cooked.
. Into the broth in the pot, thrown into the celery, Shaozhu a moment, then put in a small dumpling cooked, add a little sesame oil and soy sauce.
effect: rich in nutrition. Do not like to eat rice for infants and porridge.
Fish paste tofu raw amaranth porridge: cooked meat, boxed soft tofu, amaranth leaves, rice, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Tofu, chopped small, amaranth take buds open Shui Tang and cut finely, cooked fish crushed into the mud (can not have a fish bone.)
. Add fish to porridge mud, stock (fish soup) cooked rotten.
. Then add tofu and spinach, and boil cooked vegetable oil, can be boiled, add a little salt.

25. Chicken mashed potatoes
raw materials: a chicken, potatoes 1 / 4, Jiang amount
. Wash the chicken cut into pieces into the boiling water boiled, simmered in soup, frozen soup to take part.
. Wash the pot boiling potatoes, peeled, out research into the mud.
. Take 2 tablespoons chicken broth, add some salt, Shao Zhu, poured into the mashed potatoes can be.
54. Tomato egg soup noodles
raw materials: chopped boiled spaghetti, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes to the Pi Houqie, eggs, small Chinese cabbage, regular broth, boiled cooked vegetable oil.
. Stir fry onions first savory, plus water stir fried cabbage burns after a moment, in the pot add broth, noodles, tomato pieces together to boil, simmer low heat for 5-10 minutes until the surface Hong spillover.
. Beat the eggs and pour in the noodles, then till the clot, add salt, pour into bowl and serve.
75. Xianggan pork
soft tofu, meat, shallot, chives, ginger, sugar, chicken little, the wet starch concentration, dilute wet starch 1 tsp
. The meat cut into filaments, mix a little sugar and salt, add the wet starch, stir stick.
. The bean curd cut into filaments; shallot, chives cut inch segment.
. From the pan, add ginger until fragrant, add pork slip loose, change color, add tofu, spring onion and [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]ve segments, amount of salt and fried [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]cken, Drizzle a little thin, fried to the wet starch.
Effects: add protein and calcium.
40. Wax Gourd Soup
colorful material: melon, ham, scallops, fresh mushrooms, tender bamboo shoots sharp, green onion, ginger, chicken broth, chicken fat little
. The melon cut into 1cm square of the small; scallops open water till soft, broken at the end; ham, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ginger, chopped at the end.
. Put together all the ingredients other than the spring onion into the steaming pot, steaming to the melon Sulan wok, sprinkle with diced green onion can be.
Efficacy: melon is rich in potassium and vitamin C, no fat. Comparison of fat for the baby.
79. Fungus
loofah material: loofah, fungus, garlic, water, corn starch
. Loofah planing biopsy; ear wash; garlic cut fine.
. Oil Heat wok,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stir-fried into loofah and fungus, will be cooked into the garlic and salt, Lin Ru thin water, starch,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stir a moment can be.
Effects: Qingshu detoxification, purge phlegm. Fungus is a tonic to share.
Lotus root salad ingredients: lotus, white sugar, balsamic vinegar a little
. Lotus root, thinly sliced, cooked into the boiling water pot boiled. Remove and mix with sugar, topped with balsamic vinegar can be.
Efficacy: solution tired, appetizers. Molar ideal for teething babies.
88. Braised mullet
material: mullet, onions, garlic, ginger appropriate
. Mullet washed Cut diagonally on both sides of the fish knife, even cast a pinch of salt.
. From the pan until the oil five into hot, add fried mullet, to appear before the two golden brown, add onions, garlic, ginger until fragrant, soy sauce and sugar Drizzle a little wine, a little fried moment, into a bowl water.
. Simmer 15 minutes over medium to thick soup can.
Effects: mullet sweet nature, appetizers spleen. Indigestion, infantile malnutrition product, have some secondary effects of anemia.
96. Cheese egg sandwich
material: plain bread, eggs, cooked ham, cheese, tomatoes, salad dressing flavor
. Pan low heat, toast the two sides of the wok Kaozhi truncated single brown, remove.
. Pot and pour a little oil, the eggs into, fry egg.
. Slice of bread is not toasted side up, coated with a little salad dressing, put ham, add a cross-section of tomato, a slice of cheese, put a poached egg, and finally covered with another piece of toast.
. Square sandwich cut into 1.5cm pieces.
effects: focus on protein and calcium supplement.
57. Rong small wonton
raw shrimp: large prawns, small wonton skin, green onion, seaweed, salt, sesame oil
. Paisui take out shrimp with a knife, picked shrimp, sausage, chopped, Drizzle sesame oil, sprinkle with a little Yanhua, Jiaocheng mud Rong.
. Use chopsticks to pick that cover the size of the shrimp wrapped in wonton skin in Chengdu, wok cooked, sprinkle with small diced green onion and seaweed.
80. Crispy Cashew
material: Cashew
. Wash Cashew 1.5 minutes in the microwave let cool in the heat can be eaten.
Effects: add nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids of brain.
35. Pumpkin sweet potato polenta
material: D sweet potato, pumpkin D, cornmeal, brown sugar amount
. The cornmeal and mix thoroughly with cold water, and the small sweet potato, pumpkin can be boiled into the pot along with the small, add brown sugar to taste when eating.
effects: lungs diuretic, stomach to the plot.
36. Raw shrimp soup noodles
: Longxumian, cooked shrimp, Chinese cabbage, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Will be cut into short segments Xumian placed in boiling water for soft-boiled Set aside. Will be chopped cooked shrimp, chopped cabbage after open water hot spare.
. The broken noodles, cooked shrimp, cabbage and the amount of broth into the pot along, a small fire after the fire to boil and cook until thoroughly cooked, add boiled noodles cooked vegetable 稍煮 moment Serve.
97. Pine nuts baked
raw corn: sweet corn, pine nuts, condensed milk, egg, corn starch amount
. The sweet corn kernels into the boiling water pot boiled, remove and control water.
. Corn grain, milk, egg, cornstarch mixture, stir; pine nuts too fried to yellowish.
. Non-stick frying pan coated with a layer of oil, corn stand sits evenly, sprinkle with pine nuts, fry until yellowish to bottom.
24. Pig mud
raw carrot: carrot 1 small pieces, bones amount
. Pig wash, and cook carrots, and drop 2 drops of vinegar into it.
. Su Lan carrot soup to be strong when the pig and remove impurities, then crushed with a spoon the carrots.
Efficacy: The fat pig can promote the absorption of carotenoids.
71. Toon scrambled eggs
raw materials: cedar, eggs, green onion, salt, oil amount
. The toon into the water in the hot, cut into very fine; onion chopped Wash.
. Beat an egg, and scallions into the toon the end, sprinkle a pinch of salt, even playing in one direction, can be cooked into the hot oil.
Efficacy: Toon can make a unique odor of volatile worms the intestine can not be excreted.
73. Ground-pork rice bowl
Material: sandwich meat, bamboo shoots slices, black fungus, mushrooms, onion
appropriate practices:
. Soak mushrooms squeezed water temperature and cut into fine, leaving the water mushroom stand.
. The winter bamboo shoots slices, black fungus, mushrooms and onions were cut into small pieces.
. Heat a little oil wok, saute onion Ding, add minced meat and ingredients stir well, add seasoning and mushrooms in water, small fire simmered to a thick soup, pour a thin wet starch, and then a little heat, cover the ground-pork to soft rot of rice.
Raw radishes burning row: sub row, black fungus, carrot, ginger, garlic
. Aberdeen row on the salted 1 day, with time into the boiling water pot and boil, remove to impurities.
. After boiling water, handle scheduling, water, wash hair, black fungus, white radish cut hob together into the pot. Came alive again in rice wine, ginger and garlic, the fire to boil, then slowly stewed small fire until the Meat radish cakes, adding a small amount of chicken can be.
effects: lungs Bunao
63. Apple cheese
raw materials: apple, sweet cheese, flour, sugar, olive oil
. Wash apples Peel 0.8cm thick slices, salt water soak into the light.
. Add flour, sweet cheese and sugar, add water Jiaocheng thin paste.
. From the pan, even the thin apple slices wrapped in batter, fried yellow pot, remove the re-entry microwave for 2 minutes, so overripe apple inside, you can.
Raw fish porridge Song: rice, fish loose, spinach
. Washing clean the rice, water soak 1 hour, even the water into the pot, stir to boil, change Weihuo Aozhi thick.
. Wash the spinach, boiled look, cut into very fine, into the congee, add fish loose, salt and adjust flavors, with slightly Huoao minutes Serve.
Effects: add protein and calcium.
61. Mushroom tofu stew
material: soft tofu, cooked bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms, green onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, sesame oil, chicken soup.
. Tofu into the dish, add cooking wine, cut into 1.5cm square pieces. Wok steamed for 40 minutes.
. Into the boiling pot of fresh mushrooms 1 minute, remove, cool drift with water, cut into pieces; bamboo shoots cut into small pieces; onions, ginger, garlic slices.
. Tofu, bamboo shoots, onions, ginger, garlic, add chicken broth into the casserole, the fire, after boiling, stew low heat for 10 minutes, add mushrooms, add soy sauce Shaozhu moment, topped with sesame oil and serve.
effect: gold partner of calcium supplementation in children.
Raw fruit salad: apple dices, pear tablets, capsules mango, papaya, kiwi fruit tablets, capsules cantaloupe, blackberries or mulberries, strawberries, sweet salad, sweet cheese amount
. Together all the ingredients into the bowl and stir evenly.
90. Lean meat, tofu, bitter melon soup
material: bitter melon, tofu, meat
. Wash the cut bitter gourd, pork slices with salt, cooking wine mixed with a little salt.
. Fried tofu, add a little boiling water, the water into the open, bitter gourd, Shaozhu moment, into the marinated meat pieces.
Effects: Qingre, boils and prickly heat of the summer role of adjuvant therapy.
68. Tomato shrimp
raw materials: shrimp, tomato sauce, eggs, cooked green beans, vegetable oil amount, water, starch, salt, white pond a little rice wine
. Shrimp into the bowl, add egg, salt, water, starch uniform sizing.
. Oil temperature when placed into five or six shrimp, slip loose after the fish oil control.
. To stay more than the original oil pan, put tomato sauce stir-fried, then shrimp and green beans into the pot, add rice wine, sugar, salt, and then Drizzle in water, starch, stir a few times, topped with sesame oil.
Efficacy: spleen appetite.
23. Raw liver was crushed
: liver and lean pork, ginger appropriate
. Wash the liver and lean pork to ribs, on the chopping board, stainless steel spoon in the same direction to the balance of power scraper, made of liver paste was crushed.
. And then into the liver paste and sauce to bowl, add a little cold water, cooking wine, ginger and salt and stir well, cage steam cooked can be eaten.
Efficacy: help to improve anemia.
66. Sam Sun custard
ingredients: eggs, shrimp, mushrooms, fine minced meat, onion, garlic amount, amount of cooking oil, cooking wine, salt, sesame oil
. Wash mushrooms, cut into small; shrimp Renqie Ding.
. From the pan, add onion and stir incense, placed in three small, add cooking wine, salt, fry.
. Eggs into the bowl, add a little salt and water and mix thoroughly into the pot and steam heat, the stir fry into a good three-D, and then continue to steam 5-8 minutes.
Efficacy: supplement rich in iron, calcium and protein.
Wolfberry raw quail stew: quail, medlar
. Wash the quail, and wolfberry together into the steaming pot, add a little salt and steam for two hours can be.
Effects: Spleen Qi, nourishing and eyesight.
48. Millet Porridge Hill
material: fresh yam, millet, sugar.
. Wash the yam mash, cook the porridge with millet, and then add sugar amount, fasting food.
effect: can cure stomach hormone deficiency, indigestion, loose stool.
53. Assorted soft noodles, shrimp
liver raw food: noodles, cooked chicken livers at the end, fresh shrimp, spinach at the end, eggs, vegetable oil, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Squeezed water and chop the shrimp, add a small amount of egg white, Qianfen mixed use.
. From the pan, add onions and ginger fry fish out, put cooked shrimp stir fry, stir the spinach into the boiling water burns fried moment. A knife to chop the cooked chicken livers very fine.
. Pot noodles into boiling water, soft cooked noodles fishing into another small pan, add broth and shrimp, spinach, stir to boil after the end of chicken liver, small fire and then stew a while, a quarter of the beaten egg The toss into the soup, the amount of salt added after cooking top.

70. Sesame mixed with raw materials Liangpi
: Liang Pi, sesame, cucumber, carrot, sesame, [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]cken broth, salt, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar a little
. Liangpi cut into 1cm wide and 3cm long paragraph about, into the open Shui Tang, remove and cool.
. Peel cucumber and carrot filaments; sesame salt, then slowly add [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]cken stock research open.
. To Liang Pi, cucumber, carrots into good tahini in the study, topped with sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, mix well.
effect: brain development in children is very good.

98. Mixed Salad
material: boiled eggs, cooked ham, carrots, grain, sugar snap peas, sweet corn, beans mellow soil, amount of plain salad, olive oil and a little
. The eggs cut into 1cm square of the small, and with all the ingredients into the bowl and stir evenly.
Raw shrimp onion scrambled eggs: eggs, onions, fresh shrimp, olive oil, tomato sauce, plain salad
. The onion cut into very fine, fine cut shrimp Paisui.
. Eggs into the bowl, add onion and shrimp at the end, lightly beaten.
. Heat a little olive oil and set the pot, pour the egg mixture, stir powder, add tomato sauce and salad, stir fry click.
effect: rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C, also rich in minerals.

81. Amber peach
material: walnut, cooked sesame, sugar bowl
. Oil Heat wok, stir-fry until the fire into the walnut meat, yellow and white peach kernel, remove oil control.
. Remove the oil pan, pour 2 tablespoons boiling water, add sugar, stir to melt, stir constantly until syrup poured into a walnut brown, all wrapped in walnut, and then thrown into the sesame seeds, stir a moment Serve.
Effects: add nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids.
64. Tremella
papaya stew Ingredients: Green Papaya, Tremella appropriate amount of crystal sugar
. Wash the papaya seeded and placed in the bowl, into the pick broken white fungus, white fungus will rock sugar sprinkled on top, then steamed with the fire.
effect: to help the baby digest and absorb.
72. Cream pasta
materials: Italian pasta, carrots, peeled peas, mushrooms, butter, eggs, milk, olive oil and a little
. Cook the pasta into the hot water; the carrots and mushrooms into filaments.
. Fried eggs with half the olive oil powder, the carrots, mushrooms, silk, green pea and cream into the stir-fry, pour in half a bowl of chicken soup cooked soft, add cooked pasta, milk Luezhu click.
94. Fried ice
material: soft rice, eggs, carrots, green beans, cooked ham, shrimp Ding, Ding cooked bamboo shoots, wet starch
. Shrimp Ding poured into the wet starch, add a little salt and egg white, grasping San sizing.
. Heat the oil went in, beat the egg into the pot, slip with chopsticks quickly dispersed into the pulp Shanghao shrimp, stir fry about; then poured into the small assorted stir fry off after birth into the rice, sprinkled with salt and chicken, stir fry evenly.
32. End of tomato potato chicken porridge
raw materials: chicken breast meat, tomatoes, potatoes, soft rice, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Take a wok add Shuizhu Shu Wash potatoes, peeled, cut into Ding. Wash tomatoes, scalded with boiling water about, cut into small pieces.
. From the pan, the onions, ginger into the pan fry fish out, and then placed in fresh chicken breast meat, stir into the pot cooked on one side, and then put tomatoes in the small pot, stir fry until cooked , then a mixture of both.
. The end of the chicken, tomato, potato and soft rice into the pot along with the heat and simmer 5-10 minutes, add a little soy sauce and salt, until the porridge is Hong spillover into.
84. Fried pumpkin
ingredients: tender pumpkin, ginger, garlic, a little
. Tender sliced ​​or shredded pumpkin, ginger burst into the fry pan, add minced garlic, salt and stir fry a while you can.
effects: blood glucose and lipids to protect the liver and kidney. Add a variety of nutrients.
30. Potatoes, raw spinach minced meat porridge
: spinach, potatoes, steamed minced meat, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. After the chopped spinach, washed Shuitang; potatoes, steamed pressed into mud use.
. The thick porridge, cooked meat at the end, spinach, mashed potatoes, and the amount of broth into the pot, a small open fire boiled, add the cooked vegetable oil and a small amount of boiled salt Serve.

46. Pine nut tofu
material: tofu, pine nuts, salt, a little
. Divided into the tofu slices, sprinkle a little salt on the pot boiling.
. Clean microwave Kaozhi yellow pine, used Paisui, scattered in the tofu.
effect: rich in protein, carbohydrates and rich in minerals.
37. Raw minced meat noodles
melon: melon, cooked meat at the end, noodles, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Wash peeled and cut melon, cooked in boiling water, cut into small pieces for use.
. Place the noodles in boiling water, cook until Shulan removed after a short Jiaocheng noodles with a spoon.
. The end of the cooked meat, melon pieces, and broken noodles, add stock to the fire to boil, simmer a small fire to boil the noodles overripe.
23 ~ 47 for 6 to 8 months baby

28. Cai Yu
carrot minced raw vegetables mud: carrots, green vegetables, steamed minced meat, rice porridge thick, regular broth, boil cooked vegetable oil.
. Carrots, cooked cabbage made into mud.
. Pot into the minced meat, thick porridge, soup (pork soup); then add the carrot paste, vegetable paste, simmer open, adding a small amount of boil cooked vegetable oil and salt to boil Serve.
87. Potatoes, green pepper and raw silk
: potatoes, green pepper
. After the potatoes into the light silk shaved soaked in salt water to prevent discoloration, keep crisp.
. Heat pan, add green pepper and stir-fried silk moment, into the wire fried potatoes, add a little salt and stir fry a while you can.
92. Duck soup
raw yam: yam, ducks, wolfberry, dried lily, ginger, green onions
. Ducks cut, open Shui Tang click to remove impurities; ginger Paisui; onions cut into sections.
. Will increase the amount of water into the casserole duck and ginger, onions, wine with the fire to boil, turn a small fire to simmer a half hour or so.
. Yam cut into duck soup, then simmer 30 minutes.
Effects: duck were to eliminate greasy food, but also Yin lungs.
48 ~ 73 for 8 to 12 months baby
Raw carrot soup corn residue: corn residue, carrots
. Corn residue boiled first, after the carrots into the cooked, fasting food.
effects: digestion of stagnation, spleen Zhili.
43. Steamed Apple
material: Apple
. Apple put the bowl clean wok steamed skin, to be cool and eat.
Effect: You can Sheng Jin, appetizers, also has antidiarrheal effect is diarrhea, the baby's excellent cuisine.
the following four are phased
78. Article
raw honey cucumber: cucumber, honey appropriate
. The cucumber cut into strips, put the pot after boiling soup by removing heat add honey, then boil again.
effect: cucumber heat and thirst quencher, diuresis swelling, honey Runzao detoxification.
Raw fish soup tofu: tofu, carp, ham, onions, a little ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, salt, cooking oil a little
. Wash the carp, the fish wipe a little salt to prevent stick pan.
. 7 into a pot, put oil till hot, add the fish fry a little bit, then add spices, add boiling water after adding tofu, and cook for 10-15 minutes, until the soup is creamy white, the sprinkle with the diced green onion be.
effects: a comprehensive protein content and quality, enhance resistance.

60. Fried potato chips
raw materials: potatoes, plain salad, vegetable oil
. Peel and wash the potatoes into thick slices about 8mm, into the pan fry until both sides brown foam, coated with appropriate amount of flavor in the salad to one side.
effect: to provide balanced nutrition, and for the baby molar teeth.
67. Lionhead
materials Horseshoe: Horseshoe, end pork, ginger, cornstarch, egg white, soy sauce, a little salt
. Water chestnut, ginger, mince, stir together all ingredients until thick, Yong Shounie into medium size meatballs, steamed to the pot.
34. Sesame porridge
material: black sesame, rice, white sugar right amount
. Black sesame fry crush.
. Rice washing clean water soak 1 hour, then add appropriate amount of boiling water cook until thick rice cake soup, add crushed black sesame powder and continue to Shaozhu moment, add white sugar.
effects: lungs and kidney, Lee intestinal catharsis.
74 ~ 100 for 12-24 months baby

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